With energy and optimism too big for cubicles, Seth and Jacy quit their jobs and started House of Leopold in 2016.

Seth and Jacy went to the same elementary school, and became friends as teammates in the co-ed soccer club. We kicked ass together in high school band as the drum major and her assistant, slept on each other on the cross country bus, and laughed our little booties off in the back of the theatre. We were the best of friends for our entire school careers... because I totally friend-zoned seth. "Best friends forever!!!" (Little did I know.)

The partnership behind House of Leopold was officially established on August 4, 2012 when Seth and Jacy married in Okoboji, Iowa. 

Over the next four years, the Leopolds would give the American dream every shot they had. Seth's life revolved around being a RadioShack district manager while Jacy stayed at home with their first baby. After RadioShack died, Seth sold many things – from life insurance to custom furniture. When things looked rough for Seth, that's when Jacy took over.

After years at home, Jacy got a job as an educational textbook designer and started bringing home the bread. Things went so well there, Seth got hired too and started selling the books Jacy designed. But when their second child was born, Jacy couldn't imagine going back to work... and she didn't. Seth didn't last much longer either.

The corporate world didn't work for their life anymore, so they created their own company and started making a name for themselves. House of Leopold, LLC is and was an attempt to build an empire of and for individuals and artists with the passion and drive to do something bigger with their lives, starting with them. 

We wish you knew how far we've come from sitting back-to-back at kitchen tables in our basement after bedtime. House of Leopold may be a company, but it's representative of the legacy and life we've built for each other when nothing else was good enough.



CO-OWNER at House of Leopold
FOUNDER at Conscious Collective


Seth has an undying appreciation for music that stemmed from his childhood and blossomed as an adult.

Seth got his start watching his father (as the eighties knew him, "DJ Pure Energy") DJ as a young adult at small gatherings and events. Observing his father, SNAG began helping him by building his own lighting system with a homemade soundboard and lights from supplies around the house at the age of 10. As a teen, he started going out on his own and deejayed his own first dance party for a local group around his home town Huxley, IA.

His wedding DJ career began when he deejayed his first wedding and began freelancing in 2014. Seth soon landed a contract with a local company and quickly grew through experiences with different (outstanding) Des Moines companies as a wedding DJ for a good while.

Seth’s (SNAG) passion for turntablism begins when he got his first turntables in 2018. He had already debuted his first club gig, but really fell in love after getting his tables and learning a few scratches. He established his name and began growing within the Ames scene. Through hours and hours of practice alone, with friends, and at apartment parties, SNAG had developed an effective, expressive style fans can't get enough of.

Since then, he has deejayed clubs and events all over Iowa, including alongside celebrities DJ Kool and Thrill Da Playa of the 69 Boys. During that time SNAG had the opportunity to write for and tour with Mobile Beat Magazine and Pioneer Audio.

Seth now owns House of Leopold and aims provide some of the highest quality event and wedding deejaying in Iowa. Seth is very passionate about the events he gets the opportunity to perform at and aims to let it show through in his interactions and engagement.

Be a SNAGgie
(Smart New Age Groupie)



CO-OWNER + DESIGNER at House of Leopold
GRD ADJUNCT Instructor at DMACC Ankeny


Sadly, I'm not a native Iowan - I grew up in Texas in the early 90's as the only child to my accountant mom and welding dad. I remember when my mom set up our first computer on the living room floor when I was 5. I spent the days of my childhood reading, swimming, riding my bike, painting, and making up stories and drawing them at the dining room table; my nights were spent playing Math Blaster, Reader Rabbit, Oregon Trail, and designing fabric for Barbie clothes in MSPaint.

In 1998, my parents divorced and my mom moved us to Iowa during a magical time in history - the introduction of the Internet. I was a digital pioneer on the Dell, connected to the World Wide Web via dial-up in our duplex basement. As cringy as it is to admit 15 years later, my debut on the web design and coding scene was through a super-popular fan site for a simulation game of taking care of babies called (fittingly) Babyz.

I'm proud to claim that I taught myself HTML and CSS as an 11 year old, not intimidated in the slightest, just desperately curious to understand how my online peers made such flashy sites with inline frames; create images that moved and blinked; cursors that exploded when you clicked; or cringe made snow fall or music play when a page loaded. It was still considered a pretty useless skill to everyone I knew - only kids used the internet for AOL and chatrooms and no businesses had websites yet. I remember being so amazed when Space Jam had their own movie website! None of the grownups in my life thought any of what I was doing had any sort of value, and I continued to hone my guilty-pleasure hobby in the basement.

After a few years of zealous over-achieving in high school and rebellious under-achieving in college, I tried my hand as a licensed tattoo artist in 2010. I did truly love tattooing... some nights when I'm lying alone in the dark, I nostalgically wonder what life would have been like if I'd continued, but it's hard to commit to being underpaid for 60-hour work weeks when it's not your passion in life. At first I laughed, but then it hurt too much to see a revolving door of clientele with loved ones' names permanently printed on them in Comic Sans.

So I went back to school, this time for graphic design — a combination of art and computers, the perfect outlet for my array of creative and technical skills. I picked up and quickly mastered all of the tools I had been missing in my digital toolkit, and excelled in logo and branding design using what I'd learned as a tattoo artist. Staff acknowledged my expertise and I became the assistant to the Department Chair. I worked for DMACC's student print lab helping disgruntled, discouraged students master the bells and whistles of the Adobe suite throughout earning my degree.

My first entry-level job in the field was designing Flash advertisements for a major local newspaper publisher. When I landed a dream job — a niche position as a textbook designer. If I wasn't a perfectionist before my time there, I was undoubtedly after. My eye for detail was invaluable when it came to creating accurate maps, complicated diagrams, and consistently formatting 1000+ page World History books. I designed and published a series of 24 books for K-6 graders called Reading Essentials.

It'd take something major to pull me away from the fulfillment book-designing brought me. This opportunity to start a business with my best friend, doing exactly what I'm good at, was one of the few scenarios enticing enough to start me in a new direction.

I'm happy with who I am as a designer. I'm confident. I've always had an artist's intuition — when things look good, it just feels right. I can't stop until it does. I've designed for skin, web, and print. I embrace my age and obsession to create the most effective, trendiest, functional designs and websites to the best of my ability. What I'm BEST at is designing the kind of websites you're jealous of, that you wish you had because they're so hot right now. My dream is to build yours, and support my family by doing it.

I'm as experienced as one can be in the digital world, considering we grew up together.

Hello, Jacy speaking.

Or, fill in my form, fam.