Seth Leopold (a.k.a. “SNAG” or “Smart New Age Guy”) is a scratch artist from Des Moines, Iowa. Seth was first exposed to deejaying at age 14, performing at weddings and local bars, and now has added up to over 400 performances and 11 years of experience deejaying and has since performed at Festivals, major artist line ups, and clubs throughout the midwest.

Seth’s true obsession with turntable-ism began when he got his first turntables, at age 19. Although he’d had club and wedding gigs before, he really fell in love with the scene after getting his tables and learning to scratch some scratches. The combination of establishing and growing within the Ames EDM music scene and hours of practice at his and others apartment parties, enabled SNAG to truly find his own style.

Seth now owns House Of Leopold (HoL) and has been joining with party leaders throughout the state to throw more and bigger parties and bring in additional top tier talent (big names) to the state in the name of love of the music. There is a unique energy to a HoL party on both the EDM and Hip Hop side of things. Combine that with the deep vibes and talent of the HoL dj/producer/hip hop local artist family there are not many experiences that vibe this hard on a regular basis in the midwest!

Seth is very passionate and grateful for the opportunities he has to perform, and aims to let his appreciation show through his authentic interactions and and engagements.

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