Logos, branding, banners, brochures, business cards, letterheads, t-shirts, websites, email servers, Facebook, Instagram, social media planning, Google SEO, CMSs, workflow development, digital illustration, photography (and more).


Jacy's style is striking, fun, memorable, and organized, with lots of white space. Her compositions are easy on the eyes; friendly, full of character, and engaging the world using color, contrast, and balance.

Custom logos and brand identity packages are where Jacy's comprehensive skills shine. Her empathy and ability to communicate  feelings visually give her designs an emotional edge; they represent your vision and success, personify individual traits and strengths, instill confidence and create optimism within your professional potential.

Lots of people (in general) want proof that "this will work." The best proof we can give you is how it makes you feel. I make things people enjoy, it has worked for us and our clients. Jacy is a successful graphic design professor at DMACC in Ankeny with the intention to spread the idea of confident, functional design that makes you feel good about and believe in your company's potential.


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